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Beat the Summer Heat

It is that time of the year again. It gets hot and humid around the Emirates. Beat the summer heat by engaging in activities at these top summer locations around Sharjah.


Enjoy your swimming activities, exhaust your volleyball fever and hire a bike and take a ride around the strikingly beautiful beach park. The location which neatly skirts part of the Golden beach shore of Sharjah lodges an exciting recreational area and amusement park. This makes the attraction a great Hub for fun and adventure for both young and old, families and friends, couples and colleagues.

The park host smart facilities and services to visitors, skateboarding, train rides, Chalet rentals, and beach & pool facilities amongst other exciting adventure. There is something for those dining with Restaurants and Café’s for your delish meal and refreshing beverages. Picnic and Barbecue areas are also available for your family time, bonding and friend’s day out eats and activities.

Sport fanatics can enjoy a game of basketball, volleyball and football in the Beach courts and let out some free energy. Let out some energy in the perfect ambience of beach located courts.

This beautiful landmark erection is a pile of adventure and visitors can bring their adolescent and infant children for some exciting fun, couples can share their moments, friends can reunite over a Barbecue and sport addicts can exhaust some energy while having ecstatic fun.

Location: 10 Minutes (Uber/Taxi/Car)

Bus services available

Times: Sunday to Wednesday – 8am to 10pm

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays – 8am to 11pm

Mondays and Wednesdays for women and children (incl. boys up to 6 years)


Since 2008, this beautiful creation has been the home of over 150 species of marine life. The Aquarium allows visitors to explore different kinds of sea creatures while gaining educational background on the historic coasts and ports of Sharjah.

The deep seas display a colourful world filled with eels, sea rays, reef sharks, clownfish and seahorses amongst other marine life. Visitors can also enjoy some time with the turtles from the turtle rehabilitation program. This is the main highlight and core of the Sharjah Aquarium. The turtles are brought in with injuries and some will be sick. The team attends to the turtles rehabilitating them and making the fit to go back into the sea. This rehabilitation program is a great drive to preserving the marine life ecosystem which has been in danger over the past years.

The attractive architecture of the Aquarium with its rocky shores, sleek mangroves and coral reefs has two floors with 21 aquariums preserving the amazing sea creatures. The majestic synchronization of sea life creatures and its preserved Habitat is a sight for sore eyes, with beauty brought to life for visitors to enjoy and appreciate.

Location: 10 Minutes (Uber/Taxi/Car)

Times: Monday to Thursday & Saturday – 8am to 8pm

Friday – 4pm to 8pm

Closed on Sunday


Take a 15 minute drive or Uber ride from Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah to the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization for beautiful Islamic culture exploration and experience. The museum, boasted of its artifacts narrates the deep Islamic culture and history in the most beautiful of manner.

The museum displays various carvings, manuscripts, glass, coins, art, ceramics, calligraphy, metalwork and scientific instruments dating back as far as the first century AH (7 AD). Discover and explore the invention of Muslim scholars telling the story of ancient Islamic history.

Overall the museum has 7 distinct galleries holding over 5,000 delicate artifacts displayed in six separate galleries and a display of Islamic coins in the 7th gallery.

Science and Technology are also a part of the museums fame with influential Islamic scientific achievements and contributions narrated and displayed in visual models. Fields such as astronomy, medicine, geography, mathematics, military technology amongst many others are a highlight of one of the galleries displays.

Location: 15 Minutes (Uber/Taxi/Car)

Bus services available

Times: Saturday to Thursday – 10am to 6pm

Closed Fridays



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