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I. Introduction

About Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah

Our amazing team is here to look after your every need through our enthusiasm, smiles & great services we are positive that we will make our hotel your home away from home.
Whether your travels bring you to our hotel for business or leisure, our accommodation will suit the needs of every traveller and our amenities are sure to make your stay with us both comfortable and enjoyable.

Our Vision

Our vision to become a leader of Green building in the Emirates, understanding the importance of Green community Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah is committed to support the industry and government in adopting and implementing sustainable tourism principles and best management practices.

Our Mission

In line with the process started by Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah where the name has been changed to Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah , our aims to develop and implement initiatives that create positive experience for our team members, guests and the surrounding community and environment.

Our Goal

Our Sustainable Management Plan ensures long term profitability for the hotel, which will benefit its team members, customers, business partners, owners, other stakeholders and the environment at large. It is our aim to continually improve our sustainability efforts, and to reduce our electricity consumption, water consumption and waste.

About Green Globe

Green globe is the Highest Standard for Sustainability in world wide. For more than two decades Green Globe has been providing sustainability certification for the various sectors that make up the international travel and tourism industry. The Green Globe International Standard for Sustainability has been applied to a great variety of business types from accommodation and hospitality, to transport and tour operators, conference venues and meeting planners, as well as management and public relations firms.


 Cost savings from the greater efficiencies and reduced utility and resource usage
 Connection to consumers who now expect verified green credentials
 Better risk management through regular review of operations process
 Joining the leadership group within their industry  Increase brand reputation connected to businesses’ new green dimension


Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah Target for 2020

In line with Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah target for continuous improvement to support the sustainable tourism principle, Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah prepared the target 2019 and the adequate plan to achieve it.



Environment is essential element to the core business function and Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah aims to minimize the carbon footprints and conserve the natural resources by reducing the consumption of energy, water and waste generation by including sustainability aspects into our day to day business activities.
An essential part of our strategy, Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah encourages our staff, Guests, visitors, colleagues & suppliers actively contribute to our environmental actions.
Dubai Tourism mission to advance sustainability performance across the sector and support Dubai Sustainable tourism initiative, Golden Sands Hotel Apartments- Dubai successfully monitoring and updating the carbon calculator through online portal.

In order to deliver this, the hotel is implementing the following Environmental Policy:

1. We comply or exceed the Sharjah Municipality environmental laws and regulations.
2. Implementing an effective sustainability program in coordination with all local and
international standard and best practices.
3. Implemented a Green Globe committee with members in all respective departments and
reviewing the activities.
4. We provide all team members with the training and resources required to meet our
environmental objects.
5. We are committed to contribute our effort to conserve the natural sources and environment
6. Promote efficient use of materials and resources across our hotels, especially water and
7. The reduction of greenhouse gases and carbon foot print
8. Eliminate the use of harmful non-biodegradable chemicals
9. Prioritizing Environmentally preferable material purchasing practices
10. Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors and encourage
them to operate in an environmentally friendly manner
11. Reducing the usage of paper by printing double sided.
12. We encourage our team to use Electronic communications to minimize usage of paper, such
as E- mail, WhatsApp etc.
13. Monitoring our energy consumption of gas, electricity, chilled water and water on daily basis
14. Using of low energy light bulbs
15. Review this policy as necessary and updating frequently if any changes are there

This policy is intended to guide our hotel team, Guest, hotel owners, suppliers & communities towards sustainable management.
Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah with their team continuous effort to be a leader of Sustainability management and through this sustainable approach environ policy will be the best practices for day to day operations.


We don’t encourage the use of invasive species in our Garden Area and other area of operation. We are well aware that invasive species to cause damage to the environment, human economy and human health.



The primary purpose of the Sustainability Management Plan is to guide decision making, management, and the daily operations of the business in a sustainable manner.

 It is not intended to be exhaustive, but is considered the minimum standard acceptable to Golden Sands Hotel Management.


The Scope of the sustainability management plan covers all activities at Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah as a continuation of Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah and its integration with all colleagues, customers, business partners, owners, other stakeholders and the environment at large.


I. Environmental. The activity minimizes any damage to the environment and the effort will enable to protect the environment through the conservation of depleting resources, energy and water conservation, reducing pollution, reducing its carbon emissions and reducing wastes.

II. Socio-cultural – to be involved in corporate social responsibility actions, community development, local employment, fair trade, support local entrepreneurs, respect local communities, implement a policy against exploitation, equitable hiring, employee protection and last but not the least, that our business does not jeopardize the provision of basic services, such as water, energy or sanitation to neighbouring communities.

III. Quality – any activity that can sustain itself economically through creating competitive advantages within the industry with inspired service that not only meets, but exceeds guest expectations; it continues to contribute to the economic well-being of the surrounding community through local ownership, employment, buying local products, etc. A sustainable business should benefit its team members, customers, business partners, owner, and other stakeholders. The guest satisfaction levels are measured through the online review scores and through the mystery shopper audits.

IV. Health & Safety Issues – Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah complies with all established health and safety regulation, and ensures that both guest and team members are safe and secure in the environment they work and visit. Usage of safety instruments and machinery are ensured with the respective PPE required for the tasks. The training on health and safety are given to all team members.


Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah shall formulate & Implement the policies & procedures for Sustainability Management Plan of based on the following.

 Appropriate to the nature and scale of the organization’s activities
 Aligned with the four key SMP areas i.e. environmental, socio-cultural, quality and health & safety issues
 Includes a commitment to continual improvement of the SMP
 Includes a commitment to comply as a minimum with the current applicable legislations, regulations and other requirement to which the organization subscribes.
 Provide a framework for setting and reviewing SMP objectives and targets
 They are documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all employees
 They are available to all interested and associates’ parties
 SMP is reviewed periodically to remain relevant and appropriate to the organizations


The hotel is licensed according to United Arab Emirates (UAE) law and in compliance with all relevant international or local legislation and regulations, including health, safety, labour and environmental aspects, insurance policies and other guest and team members’ protection instruments are up to date and in order.


Employee hiring, training, annual appraisal and performance review at Golden Sands Hotel ,Sharjah are in line with the corporate competencies and competency models. Competencies and competency models are designed to define the skills, knowledge and attributes that make organizations and individuals successful. Once competencies are identified, people with these competencies can be recruited and where necessary trained and developed. This builds an organization of successful colleagues who are capable of delivering business goals and execute strategies. While competencies may enable people to achieve success, they alone do not ensure success. We see people who are competent but do not deliver business results or vice versa. In other words, only assessing people against competencies is not enough. We must also measure their achievements against the desired business goals within their roles. At the same time, competencies provide the link between organizational vision, behaviours, outputs and results and are the foundation for recruitment, selection, performance management, development and succession planning. Training on sustainability management, health and safety and environmental impact are done on periodic basis and also for Induction for new employees. The Sustainability goals and management plans are communicated to the team members in the orientation and allocated specific training on sustainability management. Annual Training plan is incorporated with 6 categories both in Classroom and online. Training methods and all are planned and communicated among the two properties with the following categories:

Brand Standard

Health And safety

Soft skills

Legal Trainings


On the Job Trainings


It is driven supported by the Sales & Marketing Department to operate in a way that focuses on continuous improvement and long-term sustainability. It works with all departments and areas of the business to ensure that our guests are always our first priority by having a system in place that allow us to measure how well we are doing, and to respond quickly when we are not getting the desired results. Besides customer satisfaction we also review and monitor internal quality performance. Some of the tools used for monitoring and reviewing the same are: social feedback, F&B guest comments, financial audit on cashiering practices , Courtesy Call and other 3rd party online platforms such as TripAdvisor, and other social media channels. These are potential areas for reviewing the Guest Satisfaction levels.


All communication regarding promotional material at Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah goes through the Sales and Marketing team and is in line with guiding principles, local regulations and cultural norms and sustainability practices. Any dissatisfaction from our guests is tracked through online reviews.


The hotel is ideally located in Sharjah, 55.3722°E, 25.2986° N, opposite to one of the largest shopping centers in the region “Sahara Center”.


Golden Sands Tourism Counter located in Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah will assist the Guest to find out all the tourist destinations in UAE. Experience staff from Golden Sands Tourism Sharjah can provide the detailed description of Tourist locations with necessary guidance.
Our guests are informed about the local environment, local culture and cultural heritage through various means. As UAE is predominantly a Muslim country guests are made aware of the local culture, traditional and places of interest. The strength of the local community is shown to the guests during the holy month of Ramadan. Various expedition packages are available with local tour organizers to visit places of historical interests, museums, heritage village, etc. or to embrace a moment of serenity within the vast desert, work closely with the local market, and as such it is beneficial to the company and the local community, endeavours to deliver imaginative and exhilarating experience in culturally connected environments offering thoughtful and generous service.


We communicate with our guests and visitors to the hotels and the website in a comprehensive manner. Our sustainable operations involve our guests, example; we have placed energy saving cards in all the rooms in order to give our guests an option to participate, hence providing them an opportunity to play a direct role in energy conservation. Also, we actively participate with the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) which is a local organization that strives towards the protection of the environment, sustainable management and social responsibility.


We follow strict environmental, health and safety laws, regulations and procedures to conserve and protect the environment and create a safe workplace where we bring the best out of our colleagues whilst avoiding the risk of injury and accidents. Colleagues are appropriately trained to make them aware of the health and safety issues while working and guests are made aware of hazards by using appropriate signage and other form of communication. We have a total of 16 First Aiders in hotel from the different departments. Purchase and operating policy for all mechanisms, equipment and facilities is that they be as environment friendly as possible: low emission and consuming minimum energy. We have an experienced team of engineers and technicians who maintain the facilities so that we have constant check on them being in good working condition. All necessary and mandatory safety requirements for the same are in order, such as method statement, risk assessment, and personal protective equipment. Local law enforcement agencies frequently visit the premises to ensure all emergency systems are in order.
HACCP audits are conducted to ensure compliance to the Food & Safety Management System. New kitchen staff is trained on safety and procedures, and must undergo a mandatory basic food hygiene course in food handling, Internal Auditors for Environment and Health and safety. This is in order to have regular audits for environment and Health and Safety and have a continual assessment of the standard. This ensures that the sustainability management plan is well maintained.


 Guests are instructed verbally and by posted signs to take care of wet floor & emergency maintenance work.
 Swimming pool depth is clearly marked; a trained life guard in rescue and basic first aid is physically present at the pool.
 All paint is environment friendly and lead free with very low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels.
 All external contractors need to provide safety permit and equipment for their staff.
 Disclaimer and caution signage are available in areas.
 Fire Safety systems are in place
 Regular Mock drills are for emergency evacuations.


The safety of our team members and our guests is one of the main concerns so the awareness of team members is therefore encouraged.


If a team member is injured, he/she should report immediately to his/her Supervisor or the Department Head no matter how trivial. A qualified first aid representative on duty applies proper treatment if necessary. Duty Manager and the Human Resources representative should also be informed. An incident report form has to be completed by the responsible person and copied to all relevant Head of Department and associated members.


Any accident to a guest, no matter how small, must be reported immediately to the Front office Manager, Head of Department & Supervisor also reporting to Director of Operational. The guests should never be left unattended and team members should wait for assistance. An incident investigation has to be completed by the concerned person and Security supervisor and sent to all respective departments. FIRST
AID boxes located at various locations on property. All serious injuries or illness will be referred to the doctor, clinic or hospital and monitored by concerned person and trained first
Aiders on regular basis.
First aid injury: An injury that can be adequately treated using topical wound cleaning, topical medications, ice, heat, non-prescription medications (at non-prescription strength), temporary splinting during transport, simple splinter removal or blister drainage, tetanus immunization, adhesive bandages or wound closures, non-rigid splints, eye irritation for a foreign body, and/or the use of eye patches or finger guards will be facilitated by the certified first aider available in the hotel.


Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah follows the Disaster and Emergency plan as recommended by the UAE government and internal Fire drill procedures. The mock drills and emergency response team (ERT) are well trained to handle the situations. The safety equipment and the alarms are tested periodically for effectiveness. The review and assessment on mock drills are done on periodic basis. Fire trainings are being taken from the Dubai Civil Defence. We have successfully conducted the Fire drill coordinated with Sharjah civil defences around 128 participants assembled in Assembly area.


B.1 Community Development
Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah recognizes its roles and responsibilities in contributing to the sustainable development of the communities which will lead us to participate in organized events coordinated with local communities in future.

B.2 Local Employment

Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah prefers and supports local employment and gives all possible preferences for sourcing workforce in order to support the local community. As part of initiatives it has mentioned as UAE national preferred in specific Job advertisements. As a part of sustainability plan, local staff hiring and training is promoted on all levels of the business.


 Equal employment opportunity policy

 Business conducts and ethics policy

 Recruit and select associates’ policy

 UAE Federal Law no 8, for 1980

B.3 Fair Trade

Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah ensures the use of right methods to select suppliers and procure goods and service at the right quality, price, time, source and delivery while protecting the company. The main focus is on the suppliers with eco-friendly products and promote on the green purchase. Purchasing is done only through local suppliers and preference given on the basis of the needs and requirements of the hotel. Purchasing Policy has been implemented which explain the procedure and standards of material purchasing.

B.4 Events & Celebrations

Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah established as a family hotel where in our aim is to let families and clients experience our hospitality in the midst of their warm family environment.
It is worthwhile to state that we do engage in organizing events and activities that portray the local culture, especially during Ramadan, EID and UAE National Day.

B.5 Respect Local Population

As stated earlier, UAE is predominantly a Muslim country and as such guests and team members are made aware of the local culture. Information of the same is provided through multimedia or through books and magazines. Local culture awareness presentation is done during new joiners’ orientation. Local cultural information booklet is also available at the concierge desk. Rules and regulations following local culture are also placed in swimming pool and recreation area.

B.6 Equitable Hiring

The hotel promotes diversity and equality on all levels of the business, and no employees or applicants are discriminated against in any way. All positions are filled on the basis of competence. Our hotel adheres to all local laws and regulations concerning labour laws, and offer conditions and wages superior to the minimum requirements. Hotel employs people of many nationalities. Women candidates are encouraged to apply across all levels of the business.

B.7 Employee Protection

Salaries and benefits meet national regulations, and all payments required by law into insurance and holiday funds are made on behalf of all employees. Overtime is paid for hours worked beyond the established work in accordance with UAE labour law. Week hours and working hours do not exceed the legal maximum established by the labour law, but being a hospitality industry at times a need might arise to work additional hours, team members are accordingly remunerated as per the policies outlined. The employees are given career development plans and cross training exposure to preferred areas to motivate the moral of the employees.

B.9 Basic Services

The activities of the business have not impacted or jeopardized resources or services in the local area or neighbouring communities in any negative manner. The activities of the business generate a number of secure jobs and reflect positive influence in the community.

B.10 Local Livelihoods

As it’s the building structures are designed according to legal compliance. The building structure follows the regulations in line with Sharjah Municipality norms.

B.11 Bribery & Corruption

The hotel strictly prohibits all forms of bribery taken directly or indirectly. It prohibits its employees from soliciting, arranging or accepting bribes intended for the employees benefit or that of the employee’s family, friend associates or acquaintances. The management reviews on fair practices based on the selection of vendors and materials that are eco-friendly and support the vendors with best environmental practices. No gifts can be accepted from any supplier or third-party partner. Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah has prepared their Anti-Bribery & corruption policy where it is circulated to staff through all HOD and strictly adhere to the policy. As per the hotel policy charitable contributions and sponsorships are not used as a subterfuge for bribery. All management have completed the training on Global anti-corruption compliance training 1). We are very aware that sustainability is an ongoing journey, therefore, the Sustainability Management Plan will be reviewed annually. Our Sustainability Management Plan is supported by policies and procedures along with other supporting documents.

III. Sustainability Management Plan Initiatives:

In line with the activities & process started by Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah, Our Sustainability management Plan initiatives are divided into two as mentioned below:

Water Goals 2019

Saving water helps to preserve our environment. It reduces the energy required to process and deliver water, which helps in reducing pollution and in conserving fuel resources. Saving water now means having water available in the future for drinking & recreational purposes.
In the year of 2018 the water consumption was 65340 cubic meter & the year of 2019 we had saved 1581 cubic meter water comparing to 2018. in 2019 we only consumed 63759 cubic water, some of the water saving activities which implemented in 2019 as mentioned below.

Below are some of the Initiatives taken to reduce the water consumption.

 Rectified Water leakages in 110 areas in the guest
 4 number of water-cooling systems has been replaced because of water leakage
 10 numbers of wash basin mixer taps & 75 numbers of bathtub mixers have been replaced in guest room because of rusty and continuous water leakages
 Dual flush tanks have been provided for guest room and public areas, flow rate 6 l & 3l
 Major water leakage noticed and rectified in transfer pump discharge line
 New filtration system has been provided for both kitchens to improve water quality and to prevent water leakages
 New pressure reducing valve has been placed in highly consuming areas (parking building, both kitchen, public area, chemical room)
 Flush tank capacity has been reduced from 12 l to 6 l
 Water saving awareness sticker has been placed in all the guest rooms
 Water efficiency washing machine provided for 2 Guest rooms
 Water efficient dishwashers are placed in all the kitchen
 Swimming pool water backwash timing has been reduced
 Domestic water transfer pump water seal changed
 Water saving awareness sticker has been placed in all the area

Our Target on Water Goals -2020

2) Energy Goals 2019

Our target in 2020 is reducing 4% of Energy consumption comparing to 2019 with deferent activities we have scheduled. Infact, some of the activities are started such as installation of parking sensors, corridor motion sensors etc.


IN 2018 We had reduced 950952 kwh comparing to 2017 by installing motion sensors, timers, new A/C units, led lights& VFD for transfer pumps etc.
IN 2019 Unfortunately We had consumed 522752 kwh due to continuous renovation work carried out in the hotel for six months and below are the tasks we carried out.

1) Started new Restaurant name Buonissimo.
2) Opened new Kids play room
3) Renovation in Swimming pool area
4) New Gift Shop
5) Pre Opening Renovation
6) Repairing and Switch ON AC units in the corridor

Our Day to Day Activities

 Meeting rooms, public area lights, AC Units, VRF unit & FAHU will be switched off after the operation hours
 Guest rooms power will be switched off in low occupancy coordinated with housekeeping & Front office
 Continuous monitoring and recording the details of Electrical rooms and plant room
 PPM of the Equipment’s
 PPM & Regular monitoring all kitchen appliances
 Switch off the Computer & Printers when not in use

Energy Conservations

 Setting room refrigerator temperature to minimum instead of maximum

 AC Temperature for all vacant rooms are setting to 26 Deg

 All the Guest Rooms are connected with power saver Card holder

 Room Curtains are closing in the vacant room to reduce the heat transmissions and head boards lights are switching off which are not connected with power saver card holder

 Air Curtains in the All Exit Entrance Doors

 Install Sub meter for Public area to monitor the power consumption & readings are recorded on daily basis

 Thermostat locking system for public area AC thermostat to avoid usage from unauthorized persons.

 Inverter type units, using R-410 instead of R-22

 Replaced the high energy old gate barrier to new one.

 Replacing conventional 8w tube Emergency light 7W LED lights

 Replaced Incandescent , CFL lamp to LED bulbs in different locations

Upcoming Projects for Power Saving -2020

 Motion sensor for all corridors
 Motion sensor tube lights for parking building

 Inverter ac for guest rooms
 Double glazed balcony glass for guest rooms
 Energy efficient washing machine for guest rooms
 Chiller and freezer up gradations
 Training for new staff for energy saving
 Motion sensor for offices corridors
 Power saving awareness slide show in guest rooms TV
 VFD for Fahu & kitchen exhaust system

Green Globe Team Members

 Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah ( Below are the Activities carried out by Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah During the Preparation for Green Globe Certification)

I. Environmental Initiatives

a. Conserving Resources: Consumable Goods

 Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah has a policy of favouring suppliers following best environmental and social practices. The use of Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) helps “buy green,” and in doing so, uses the buying power to stimulate market demand for green products and services.
 Food purchased locally, preference given to local products.

b. Conserving Resources: Energy & Water Consumption

Energy Conservation:

A. GuestRooms:

 Refrigerator to set in medium temperature instead of maximum level.
 AC temperature to be set at 26 ̊C in vacant rooms
 Monthly servicing of electrical DB in all guest rooms including public areas. Included in the Periodic Preventive Maintenance (PPM) and continues checking.
 All rooms lights are connected through power saver card holder, automatically shutdown Lights when card is removed.
 Provided air curtains for hotel entrance & exit doors, New fire exit doors for controlling the temperature
 All appliances are set at the most efficient level, to save energy, money and appliances.

B. Offices & Public Areas:

 Switch off lights, Computer & printer when not in use. All back-office computer and electronic equipment is shut down after office hours.
 Thermostat locking system provided for Public areas AC to control unauthorized operation
 Replaced Incandescent lamps to LED bulbs (15 w to 5 w,60 w to 9 w)
 Meeting room’s lights and equipment are shut down when not in use.
 Provided new KWH sub meters for public areas to monitor highly energy consumption areas.


Thermostat temperature is pre-set at 260C when power card is removed in guestrooms.


Power card is connected to AC thermostat and lights in guestrooms, once the card is removed AC setting temperature goes to 260C and all lights will be switched OFF

Replaced 58 emergency LED lights from Incandescent lamps

Water Conservation:

 Turn off unnecessary flows of water while hand washing, taking shower, brushing teeth etc.)
 Water saver aerator checking during PPM
 Provided water aerators for public areas, Health Faucet & WC Extended type float valve to control water flow.
 Using sensor tissue dispenser Instead of manual can reduce tissue usage & urinal sensor tap saves a lot of water per day.
 Using of water dispenser in staff cafeteria and all the offices instead of bottled water

C. Conserving Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Landscapes

 Information about and interpretation of the natural surroundings, local culture, and culture heritage is provided to guest, as well as explaining appropriate behaviour while visiting natural areas, living cultures and cultural heritage sites through the Sharjah information board in the lobby.
 Endangered species, product thereof, or items stemming from unsustainable practices are not consumed, sold, traded or displayed in the Hotel. Purchase is only through the approved suppliers by the Sharjah Municipality.
 Hotel uses plants and trees tolerant of the local climate, soil and natural water availability.
 Any disturbance or damage harmful to wildlife animals or plants by tourism activities is avoided. NO captive wildlife is held in the Hotel.
 Company prohibits use of invasive alien species in plants and pots

D. Reducing Pollution & Waste

 Promotion of recycling within the hotel. Ensuring that the team members know that the impact of them sorting and recycling will impact someone else’s life in a positive way

V. Health & Safety Issues Initiatives

 To be able to provide our guests with emergency information in our guest directory:
– In the event of Fire· General safety & security issues e.g. safety box, double locks, keys, medical emergencies, telephone calls and guest with disabilities.
– Guest room Emergency instruction complete with Hotel layout.
 Provide an employee handbook to all employees
 Health & Safety at work training is practiced at the Hotel.
 HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles are practices by F&B Department. HACCP Manual is in place.

The Green Team

To coordinate the program efficiently, Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah has appointed individuals to be directly responsible in running this program known as the Green Team which will be supported and under the leadership of Mr. Moustafa Fahmy, Hotel Manager. The team aims of looking forward to more sustainable ideas to execute in the coming year