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SECTION 1 – Statement of Intent

Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah is fully committed to reducing the impact we have on the environment by implementing a long and lasting strategy that is built on the protection of the environment.
The environment is an essential element to the core business function of Golden Sands Hotel at Emirates of Sharjah, therefore we will continuously strive to improve our performance in identifying and reducing wasteful practices, include sustainability aspects into our day to day business activities and be judged on our accountability and transparency by establishing a defined program to manage and reduce the environmental impacts from our Building and premises.

An essential part of our strategy has been to engage all guests, visitors, colleagues and suppliers and have them actively contribute to the environmental actions.
Achievement of a sustainable environment is likely to deliver substantial long-term benefits by protecting and maintaining stable environments that include Environmental, Sociocultural, Quality and Health & Safety. Some of the actions necessary will also deliver shorter-term benefits through cost-savings. Many actions that improve sustainability will also result in medium or long term savings which, as a result can be reinvested. This means that increasing the sustainability of Golden Sands Hotel is not a distraction from the business: it is core to our operations.

General Statement

Below are the few main areas on which we will focus:

1. The reduction on Carbon footprint
2. Imbedding the Sustainability Development Plan
3. Imbedding the Waste Management Plan
4. Minimizing the immediate impact we have on the environment by reducing the consumption of natural resources, setting up sustainable waste minimization and recycling programs.
5. Settingofobjectivesandtargetstoenhanceandmonitorourperformance.
6. Raiseawareness,encourageparticipationandtraincolleaguesinenvironmentalmatters, particularly the reduction of energy, water and gas
7. Expectsimilarenvironmentalstandardsfromallsuppliersandcontractors and encourage them to operate in an environmentally friendly manner.
8. Review this policy as necessary, and at least annually.

This statement represents our general position on environmental issues and the policies and practices we will apply in conducting our business.



2.0 Director of Operations

Responsible for:
 Overall Environmental Management Plan (EMP) within Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah
 Ensuring adequate resources (human, financial and equipment) are made available
 Ensure that planning for environmental management is strategic and in line with the Sustainability Development Plan
 Ensuring this policy is put into practice
 Ensuring environmental management standards are maintained/improved
 Setting of key Objectives and Targets with strategic KPI’s to reduce the use of natural resources

2.1 Chief Accountant

Responsible for:
 Ensuring the budgetary funds allocated by the General Manager for environmental management is made available.

2.2 Chief Engineer

Responsible for:
 All activities that could have a potential environmental impact with consideration for the following activities is to be considered;
 Engineering / planning (design, procurement, etc.)
 Preventative maintenance
 Onsite contractor service
 Sustainability Development
 Ensuring water quality monitoring systems and documented procedures are in place
 Ensuring all wastage of resources are minimized, reduced and documented
 Utilizing technology to reduce energy, gas and water consumption
 Ensuring procedures are developed and maintained for chemical spill clean up
 Evaluation of substances to find alternatives with less harmful impact on the environment
 Ensuring no sources of contamination enters the environment (air, water, soil) by ensuring proper supervision and training for colleagues and contractors engaged with repair and maintenance tasks.
 Establish sustainable waste management and recycling programs within the Department and record their impact
 Liaison with Central Purchasing to ensure any refrigeration / air conditioning unit to be purchased is ‘ozone friendly’ – no Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s)
 The use of Energy efficient equipment is purchased

2.3 Supervisors

Responsible for:
 Coordinate all waste minimization and recycling initiatives and consolidate all record keeping
 Establish sustainable waste management and recycling programs
 Provide advice and assistance to other departments on above initiatives
 Implementation of initiatives to meet Environmental Objectives and targets
 Ensuring environmentally friendly disposal of assets and waste

2.4 Restaurant Manager

Responsible for:
 Establishing sustainable waste management and recycling programs within the Department
 Implementation of initiatives to meet Environmental objectives and targets

2.5 HR Manager

Responsible for:
 Ensuring that relevant Environmental management training is managed and recorded as well as communicated to Heads of Departments and colleagues
 Ensuring colleagues training files are updated with the above
 Ensuring colleagues are aware of the environmental management policies

2.6 Heads of Departments

Responsible for:
 Environmental management on a day to day basis – implementation of environmental management procedures, precautions and controls within their respective departments
 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, wherever possible.
 Understand, implement and manage Key KPI’s, Targets and Initiatives
 Ensuring and encouraging the highest possible standards of environmental management within their department by effective communication and consultation with colleagues
 Monitoring the standards and effectiveness of environmental management within their departments
 Evaluating which suppliers’ products and services impacts the environment
 Ensuring all colleagues attend the necessary environmental training sessions
 Ensuring that environmental impacts are addressed and recorded appropriately

2.7 All Colleagues/Contractors

Responsible for:
 Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, wherever possible.
 Understand, implement and manage Key KPI’s, Targets and Initiatives
 Co-operating with their Managers to achieve an effective environmental management system in the workplace




This procedure describes the minimum requirements for conducting periodic identification and review of the environmental aspects and the related impacts of our activities, products and services associated with Golden Sands Hotel Sharjah premises.


Environmental aspects – are defined as the elements of our activities, products or services that can disturb the environment
Significant environmental aspects – are those environmental aspects that have, or can potentially have, a significant negative impact on the environment
Environmental Impacts – are defined as any change to the environment as a result of business activities, products or services
Significant – Golden Sands Hotel will define its own criteria to determine which aspects are “significant” and which are not. Additionally, all the aspects within the scope of this procedure that are regulated by law will be classified as significant aspects Environment – is defined as the physical surroundings in which Golden Sands Hotel Towers performs its operations


3.1.1 After an initial review, the Engineering team will assume responsibility for developing and updating the environmental aspects information that relates to our activities
3.1.2 During Each activity, reviews of the environmental aspects associated with the activities of each department shall be completed by the respective departments and discussed internally.
Review results shall be compiled for each major operation in order to facilitate the establishment of appropriate Department environmental objectives and targets Annual reviews at Golden Sands Hotel shall consider existing or potential a) air, noise, light and vibration emissions, b) releases of all substances, c) waste management, d) use of raw materials and natural resource.
3.1.2 All Environments aspect and challenges in each activity will be discussed coordinated with engineering team and necessary precautions will be carried out to avoid impact environments impact.



 Information will be circulated through

o Department meeting and Morning Briefing
o Head of Departments meetings
o Notice boards o Email’s
o Sustainability Plan

 Green Globe Team

All departments have a Green Globe team representative that efficiently review the measures taken to ensure the process is environmentally active, by promoting initiatives that benefit the Environment.
The Group should comprise of members of the management team and colleagues from all departments.


The position responsible for identifying substances/chemicals that could be replaced by another less harmful to the environment is:


 The position responsible for reducing the number of chemicals used in our business:


 The position responsible for ensuring new substances are environmentally friendly prior to purchasing it:

Chief Engineer/ Security, Support Service Manager / Chief Accountant/
F&B Manager/Director of Operation


The position responsible for:
 Ensuring a effective chemical spill plan is established:

Chief Engineer, Security, Support Service Manager


 To monitor our performance, we will:
 Carry out regular reviews
 Identify new legal requirements
 Keep accurate records
 Review our records monthly
 Review our strategy if any major change has been made to the operation
 Immediately act on notifications from authorities regarding Environmental issues
 Display the Environmental supporting documents, labels & posters wherever applicable.


Solid waste – Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum cans and hazardous waste
 Active recycling process of all solid waste on track and carrying out with proper record
 In line with Purchasing activity , all the contractors are instructed to adhere and taking responsibility to deliver the materials considering environmental aspects
 Collect and recycle all printer cartridges and photo copier toner bottles and dropping Dubai Municipality recycling center

Utility usage – Water and Electricity
 Implement water saving measure to all areas
 Maintain landscaped gardens irrigation by keeping the record of required water consumption for each plant in the premises
 Reduce the usage of non-essential lighting wherever possible
 Reduce overall carbon emissions from previous years annual carbon footprint report

Hazardous materials storage and handling – Paint, paint products, acids, water sanitation chemicals:
 All Heads of Department responsible for storing and handling hazardous materials in accordance with Safety Data sheets and completed risk assessments.